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Lari Halme is a Finnish actor. He gratuated from Tampere University Actors Training Department in 2001. Since then, he has done a variety of roles both in theatre and on screen. His special skills include for example playing drums.

Due to the covid situation Helsinki City Theatre’s musical comedy Groundhog Day in which Lari played the leading role Phil has closed. At the moment you can ”see” him dubbing in Netflix’s new movie Yesday as Carlos and also as hotel manager DuBrois in the new filmversion of the legendary Tom & Jerry. You can also listen several voice books read by Lari which you can find in most of the voice book services. Netflix produces a new animation series Centaurworld, mainly for adults, and you can hear Lari as one of the voices.

At the moment Lari is rehearsing a comedy The Foreigner by Larry Shue in Kuopio City Theatre and it premiers 10.9. Lari has been busy filming this year, hospital drama Syke, an époque series called Hymyä!, Itämeriyksikkö at YLE and a thriller Kansan Vihollinen at CMore are now in postproduction and Lari appears also in a new comedy movie Punttikomedia that was filmed this summer. At the moment a crime series Komisario Koskinen is in the make.

Lari also designs unisex bracelets under the brand LHBraceletsAndChains and these designs you can find on Instagram @lhbraceletsandchains.