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Lari Halme is a Finnish actor. He gratuated from Tampere University Actors Training Department in 2001. Since then, he has done a variety of roles both in theatre and on screen. His special skills include for example playing drums. Currently he can be seen in YLE TV2’s drama serie Uusi Päivä.

In this spring 2016 Lari can be seen in Tampere Theatre in a hit comedy Play that goes wrong, which premiered 14.10.2016. Next season, starting 8.9.2017 you can see him in the musical Cats also in Tampere Theatre. Lari will spend his summer in Tampere Comedy Theatre playing Inspector Palmu’s assistant Virta with the iconic Esko Roine.

Lari is also touring every once in a while with his two hour monologue Fully Committed by Becky Mode, in which he plays 30 different characters. Due to other work, the show is on a break at the moment.